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CBD Laws & Regulations

Is CBD legal, and can I travel with it?

Unfortunately, the answer is, that it depends. Each country and state has their own legislation & regulations regarding hemp and CBD products. The answer in the U.S is generally yes, but we do advise that you look up and comply with all local laws/regulations. 

Traveling With CBD

TSA has stated that CBD products derived from Hemp, in compliance with the 2018 agriculture improvement act, are okay to fly with. However, other countries, and some states have a variety of CBD and hemp laws that are often far more restrictive. We would advise researching the country or state you are traveling to and seeing what their policy is on CBD. Some countries/states still treat any CBD products as the same as Marijuana, which can come in the form of fines or other punishments. If there is a chance that the area you are traveling to will react negatively to bringing CBD, it probably best not to bring it.