Discount Code Errors

Why is the discount code I entered not working?

There are a few reasons why a discount code that you entered may not be working:
If you're still having issues, please send us an email at or chat with us with the chat bubble in the lower left of your screen, and we’ll get things sorted out fast. 

Expired Discount Codes 

Our promotional offers generally have an expiration date. If a discount code is expired, you will see a notification similar to this:

In that case, the promotion is no longer valid. If you know this to be an error on our end, then please reach out to us and explain the situation. 

Combining Discount Codes

We do not allow discounts/promotions to be combined. Even if a promotion is site wide, and automatically applied to your order, you cannot then add additional discounts to the order.  For example, if we are offering a buy one, get one promotion, you will not be able to also use a discount code.

If you try to apply a discount code while there an existing promotion or discount is applied to your order, then the newly added discount code will overwrite any existing promotion. If you would like to revert to an automatically applied discount because you accidentally removed it:

Click the "[Remove]" button, while viewing your cart:

Unmet Conditions or Inapplicable Discount Code

If you have not met the conditions required to apply a discount code, or if the code is not applicable to your order. You may see an error like this:


Discount Code Doesn't Exist or Entered Incorrectly

If you entered the code incorrectly, or the code doesn't exist, then you'll see this error:

(Note: the discount codes are not case sensitive.)