How Reward Points Work

The fine print.

Registered users earn 1x point for every dollar spent. Renewal Club Members (Subscribers) earn 2x points for every dollar spent after their first subscription order (Renewal Orders), for as long as they remain a renewal club member (have an active subscription).

When redeeming points, 100x points = $10 USD.

Points & Discounts: If you use a coupon or discount on your order, you will not earn points for the amount discounted.

Points & Refunds: If an order is refunded, partially or wholly, the points earned from the amount refunded will be subtracted from your points balance.

Points & Rounding: If 1.5 points or more is earned, it will round up to 2 points. If 1.4 points or less is earned, it will round down to 1 point.

Redeeming Points: You cannot earn points on orders that you are redeeming points. Points can not be applied to the cost of shipping.

Points Expiration: Points expire 365 days from the time that they are earned. You will be notified via email of expiring points 90 days prior to their expiration.