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CBD Use & Medical Claims

Why we don't talk about anything related to medicinal use of CBD.

We make a point to follow the FDA's strict guidelines on what we can and can't say about CBD. The truth is CBD research is in it's infancy, and while there are promising results in some cases. We believe that it is not only unethical, but illegal to perpetuate misinformation to consumers. Any CBD company that is making reference to unproven medical uses, should not be trusted. 

The FDA has clear guidelines for dietary supplements, and what they can/cannot say. That is why you may notice text that has been censored in some of our customer reviews. The FDA sees the promotion of customer reviews as an illegal practice if the review talks about the product helping with anything medical. 

We encourage you to learn about the possible benefits & uses CBD from organizations that are unbiased and do not have financial interest in CBD.