Frequently Asked Product Questions

Here are some answers to questions we get asked frequently about our products.


Q: How much CBD is in a serving?
All of our products are 25mg CBD / serving

Q: Can I have OLEO products while pregnant or nursing?
We aren't doctors, so we think you should consult your doctor first. 

Q: My product has expired, is it still safe?
Yes, while the product has an expiration date, it does not mean the product has gone bad. If the product looks alright, it probably is alright. Because we use dry powders in our products, the product is very stable and unlikely to spoil. The expiration date is merely the date at which, due to natural degradation, the CBD quantity in the product may be slightly less than what is listed on the package. In our experience the degradation, if any, is negligible after two years. The CBD does not degrade into anything to worry about.

Q: Do your products contain any allergens?
Only our coconut drink mix product line contains one of the "Big 5 Allergens" - coconut. 

Q: What kind of CBD is used to make OleoCBD™?
The OleoCBD™  made for our products is made using CBD isolate created in the U.S, with U.S grown hemp. We can produce OleoCBD™ with other forms, but don't use it for our products because we find it results in an inferior product. 

Q: How is your CBD extracted?
Our raw CBD isolate is extracted using a combination of ethanol and other common solvents. This multi-stage process is conducted in a medical-grade facility under the supervision of highly trained professionals.  

After extraction, every batch of CBD isolate we use is tested for contaminants like residual solvents, heavy metals, bacteria, and pesticides. We also test for THC content to ensure our products are THC-free. If any ‘failed’ results are detected, we do not use that material in our drink mixes.  

Once tested, the CBD isolate is converted into water-soluble OleoCBD™ using our proprietary encapsulation technology. This increases bioaccessibility, removes the bitter hemp aftertaste, and makes it perfect for mixing into any liquid or food. 

Q: Is there THC in OLEO Products?
No, there is zero THC in our products. We ensure this through multiple analytical tests at an accredited third-party laboratory - ProVerde Labs. This is also one of the reasons we use CBD isolate to product OleoCBD™  over cruder forms of CBD. 

Q: What is Rooibos Tea?
Rooibos tea is an herbal red tea that is sourced from South Africa. OLEO Rooibos Tea Mixes are made using Rooibos Extract, which contains amazing flavors and powerful antioxidants.

Q: What is CBD?
 CBD Stands for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted from hemp. CBD does not dissolve in water and is hard for your body to absorb, but the OLEOProcess™ creates a CBD powder (OleoCBD™) that is water-soluble and has increased bioaccessibility. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that is distinct from THC, which is intoxicating. Unlike THC, CBD has been approved for use by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and evaluated as safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). OleoCBD™ is always THC-free.  

Q: How do I use OLEO?
Our drink mixes are best mixed into water or other beverage in a water bottle or shaker cup.
If you don’t have one, you can use a cup and spoon. Our CBD Boost+ can be mixed with protein shakes, smoothies, and most foods. A favorite serving suggestion among our team is Coconut Mix in morning coffee or smoothies.