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Product Safety & Analytical Testing

How we ensure our products are safe for everyone.

We follow the current Good Manufacturing Guidelines (cGMP) set by the FDA and require that our supply chain do the same. Part of that means keeping good documentation on all of our raw materials, vetting & auditing our suppliers, and maintaining up-down traceability of our products. 

Because the CBD industry is new, and the cost of CBD is so high, there are some bad actors out there who would sell CBD that isn't safe.

Analytical Test #1: Whenever we buy CBD, we require the supplier provide test results for their product. Once we receive the CBD, we quarantine it, and we send off a sample to be tested. These results must match the results from that the supplier provided us. 

Analytical Test #2: After the product is Micro-Encapsulated and turned into OleoCBD™, we send off another sample to be tested. This tells us if anything has gone wrong during the Micro-Encapsulation process. 

Analytical Test #3: Once all of the ingredients for an end user product is mixed and packaged up into a jar or stick pack, we send off for another set of tests. This round of testing is the last confirmation that the final product was produced safely, to our quality standards. 

Raw Material & Product Traceability

All of the raw materials we receive are assigned a unique lot#, have each lot number's documentation saved, and stored in a secure area. When we produce a product in our system, the lot number, and quantity used of each raw material is recorded. When then also track when and where every product we sell or sample gets sold. 

Where can I find the test results?

You can find all of the final good test results by visiting https://www.oleolife.com/test-results

Where do I find the lot #? 

The lot# on stick packs can be found printed on the underside of the back flap of the packet.

The lot# on the jars is generally printed on the bottom of the jar. There are some instances of older jars having the lot# is printed on the jar label.